Yeah.., I'm 'That' guy.

Jedi Accessories and Galactic Gear

Jedi Capsules


Belt Clip


Qui-Gon model shown.

Sometimes I have The Obi-Wan model.

Jedi Comlinks

If you have questions, write me at:

My name is 'Tom'

     My Jedi Comlinks are made from actual Gillette SensorExcel razor handles. Not a 'resin cast' copy. I make all these in my spare time. Sometimes I have them, sometimes I don't. But seeing as these are yet another item of.., 'When these are gone, they are gone; Forever.'  Move quick.

...and then there is

the Custom Work

...for those Occations when..,

You want to look like You Walked off a Movie Set.

     My Jedi Capsules are made from the last of the Steadtler Pen caps used to make the belt props as seen in Episodes 1-3. Not copies. If you want the 'Real Thing' and truly movie accurate, then, here is what You Want. Please keep in mind, these are the last of them from Steadtler. When these are gone, they are gone; forever.

     Covertec Belt Clips to hold your Lightsaber.

Old Rebublic Jedi Armor


Other Sundries.


To the best of my knowledge,

   I am the only Jedi Costumer who goes to

Star Wars Celebrations


    Consistantly Wins


for a Set of Eight

2 Chrome, 2 Gun Metal, 2 Gold, 2 Copper